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Anthony Bardaro

Hi, I’m Anthony (the guy on the right in the picture below). I’m a digital content power user. For business, I consume a lot of media, which my team has to synthesize for collaborative research. I also read a lot in my personal life — for both intellectual dsc_5909curiosity and pure entertainment — and like everyone else, I share the good stuff with friends and family.

Not only would I regularly burn-out from the overload, but the more content I used to compile, the more the experience felt like a leaky bucket: all of that knowledge I’d spent time curating couldn’t 79fdbff82bf9c869db65c5ab875fa5c5_originalbe efficiently retained, searched, or shared with my network, so it would just trickle away.

It bothered me so much that I hacked-together a way for me to annotate any type of media, from any source, and I made my notes available to my colleagues. Eventually, those colleagues started annotating their own content, each creating an open digest that we all gravitated toward.

This was such a simple solution, but it had such a significant impact on our aggregate productivity. We suddenly had this treasure trove of knowledge and research that was all signal, no noise. Furthermore, the network effects were palpable: as each incremental annotator joined the project, many more digests became available to everyone. Linear user growth drove exponential decay in everyone’s time spent finding, finishing, recalling, and manually sharing knowledge.

That’s why we’re hard at work developing a user experience that accelerates this positive feedback loop for Annotote’s growing community.

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Thanks to our loyal following (and some newcomers to our community), we rocked our Kickstarter campaign in April 2017…


But, our Kickstarter wasn’t a finish line — it was one of many starting lines Annotote has and will have to cross in an ongoing effort to serve our community.

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