What is Annotote?

Annotation + Summarization = Network

Annotote is an app that lets users highlight and take notes on any media, and those annotations help summarize that content for everyone else in the network:


It’s the most frictionless way for you to get informed or inform others!

To illustrate how it works, say there’s a New York Times article you want to read online…

First off, the average article takes more than 10 minutes to read, but only 10% of the text is pertinent! That’s a lot of waste, so Annotote automatically provides a summary to get you straight to the point.

Second, the annotation feature lets you highlight and take notes on the article. Annotote saves these annotations for you, so you have them for future reference — improving your knowledge retention and facilitating your sharing with friends, family, and colleagues.

Finally, there’s the network, which lets you follow other users — like your friends, colleagues, or thought leaders — so you can see what they’re reading, along with their highlights and notes.

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You, your network, and our network

The app is organized in three separate streams: Me, Follows, and Top. The Me Stream is your personal library, storing all the text, images, audio, and videos you’ve annotated. The Follows Stream shows all the public annotations by users you’ve chosen to follow. Lastly, the Top Stream finds content for you to enjoy based upon your interests — and of course everything is already summarized for you!

Annotote works with any type of media — not just articles, but audio and video too. When you browse through any media on the app, it’s already highlighted for you, so you can enjoy a short summary instead of wasting time with all the fluff. You can seamlessly annotate anything for yourself too. Or, at the tap of a button, you can see the notes and highlights left behind by someone you follow.

The idea is that you shouldn’t waste everything you read, watch, or listen to — and you definitely shouldn’t waste your time. Annotote saves the content worth keeping, and it gets you straight to the point! All signal. No noise.Quote_perfection

It’s an elegant solution — one person’s highlights are another person’s summary — which enables powerful facilitation of your entire digital consumer experience — from content discovery to consumption to retention to sharing.

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