How is Annotote so effective?

Redeeming wasted efforts

When I read, I add highlights and notes to distinguish what’s important from what’s not.  It turns out that a lot of other people do the same thing too: 80% of us highlight content; 55% of us comment; and 78% of us read those comments.


Those are fantastic means of retaining the value in content — for memory or future reference. When you think of all those consumers out there doing all of this, you realize that the way we read, watch, and listen to media is really inefficient, because our individual efforts are all redundant — everyone rummaging through all of these haystacks to find all of the same needles.

If you want to watch a 60-minute video, there’s no way to finish it in less than 60 minutes. So, millions of people spend all that time watching the same lecture on YouTube. Think of all the redundant the man-hours invested in that one video!

Launch Annotote

Perfect complements

Technology is supposed to mitigate such inefficiencies. Hence, Annotote gives those consumers a way to annotate that lecture — saving the most valuable quotes and notes. By crowdsourcing contributors’ annotations, Annotote forms a consensus as to what the highlights of that lecture are, reducing the full 60 minutes into a 2-minute summary, for example.


This is the same way Wikipedia maintains collaborative articles and Yelp crowdsources business ratings: Annotote harnesses the annotations that people are already compelled to make on all sorts of content, then distills them into a short summary for everyone to enjoy. That perfect complement facilitates an otherwise inefficient digital consumer experience.

Annotote finds the right content for you to enjoy; it provides a personalized summary of that content to help your consumption; you can annotate it to improve your retention; and you can follow other users to share in the knowledge.

Annotote is a single destination for all of your media wants and needs. Want to enjoy good content? Annotote is where you go for all the signal with none of the noise. Want to save valuable insights? Annotote is where you go to leave your mark.

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